May 5, 2008

It's me. Lots went on here this weekend. The weirdest thing was 'yardwork'. I don't get it. They got rid of all the leaves and twigs and stuff. This thing I'm standing beside, it's a "shuvvel". They also used "brooms" and "rakes". As you can tell from my expression, I didn't get it at all. Still don't. I like my twigs. In fact, the handle on the shuvvel might make a good substitute. The coolest thing was that Norm replaced the landscaping fabric near the fence and then re-covered it with cedar chips. I know he did it just for me, 'cause he left a brand new bag of wood chips on the deck so I could spread out my own.

This is me trying for a close-up. My nostrils really are quite attractive, no?

Seth found yardwork very exhausting.

The best thing was the walk later that day. We went for a walk with my momma Halo and her person Tamzin. Tamzin brought Raimi and Kenya too. And then we found Peg with Ryder and my litter-brother Shane. Seth was still tired from yardwork so he stayed home. I loved it! ...Rory

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