April 29, 2008

Fly Trap

Don't let the good looks fool you. This dog is full of mischief. This shot just caught him in innocence mode contemplating the warmth of his sunbeam on the deck.

Aside from some normal Seth harassment, today's victims included a box of tissues, the usual assortment of sticks and some socks. To Rory's apparent glee, the scat mat is out of commission. The biggest item today would not have been protected by the scat mat in any event and I have no idea how I'm going to replace it. A little more than a year ago we came across a terrific dog bed in the Petsmart up in Edmonton. Huge rectangular stuffed thing covered in some sort of breathable naugahyde (is there such a thing??). Seth loved it - cool in the summer, throw it out on the deck for comfie canine snoozing, put a blanket on it in the winter, wipe it down and disinfect whenever you need to. It has seen better days - the cover was beginning to tear a bit so we turned it over fresh side up. Today Rory ate the middle of it. Seriously, a big hole all the way through to the other side. It was a couple of months ago that I noticed the cracks in the cover and since then we have been looking for a replacement to no avail. Oh well, I had counted on a couple of years of puppyhood. No doubt this is just a sampling.

Here he is a couple of seconds after the first picture, fancying himself a bug catcher.

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