May 10, 2008

Going Green

I attempted to show Rory the pleasures of green grass today, but the little trotter doesn't stand still long enough for anything. I'm glad for the green grass. Good to roll in. Good to eat. Still not available everywhere but a few of the parks in the city are looking more springish. You'll note he is wearing a BLUE collar. Blue is my colour! We took him out to get a new collar this morning because he had outgrown his first one. The peeps chose red, and I must admit it looked pretty good on him. Trouble was, it was defective (what good is a Martingale where both ends of the chain are hooked to a loop at one end of the collar rather than the loop in the middle?) and there were no more red ones. I draw the line at hanging out with anybody wearing hot pink, so blue it is. No doubt he'll outgrow this one too and then he can get his own darn colour. ...Seth

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