March 31, 2008

Roll 'Em!

March 30th was a Ridgeback birthday party in the park. Raimi and his siblings celebrated their first birthday as only Ridgebacks can: running, ducking, deking, wrestling, body slamming and mooching. The pups from Halo's second litter, including Rory, were also invited and really enjoyed trying to keep up with the big kids. The sun graced us with its presence just often enough to keep us outside, but the dogs didn't seem to mind the cold. Or the wet. Some wet from being bowled over, others because they were a bit too adventurous for their own good and went for a dip in the pond. We took some pics, and there are also some great ones on Tamzin's blog if you haven't seen them yet. We missed Karma and her people who weren't up to the drive in the snow, but I ended up meeting one of her people today at a course we both happened to be taking. I had no idea who he was until we started talking about cool things, like Ridgebacks :)

Apple of his Momma's eye...

Wham! WRW: World Ridgeback Wrestling


Rory, Zero and Seth's butt!

They can't see me if I hide behind the flora...

Geez, I wanted to take a pee, and I said no PEEKING!

Halo and Kenya sitting pretty.

Raimi being leader of the pack.

In over his head. Tucker, Ryder and Shane

Deuce the indomitable! (Place squeaker here)

Ramsay, Deuce and Rory.

Look carefully, it's not a six-legged Ridgeback.

Teaching the young 'uns to "stalk"

Rory with Zero: "Hey, cool, everything's upside down!"

Deuce the honourary Ridgeback, Ramsay and Rory

Got treats?

They went to sleep when we got home...for hours!


Traci said...

Those are great pictures Kathyrn! It was great meeting you guys. Tell Rory that we thank him for playing out Ramsay and Deuce, they were dead all night! Looking forward to the next Ridgeback outing.

The Boss Bitch said...

Love the pics! Everyone looks like they were having so much fun ... so glad you could come out despite the weather and I hope to hold one every couple months so we can watch the babies grow!