March 25, 2008

Dog days

No pics today. The mess was all cleaned up by the time I got home. I'm advised that the "mess" consisted of a torn-up phone book (white pages, so I can only assume that Rory was trying to find my work number and not the local pizza parlour), and a shredded blue foam camping pad. Why the sleeping pad you ask? Good question, one I also asked. To back up a bit, Rory's fascination with the dining room has blossomed over the last few days. During the weekend he had pulled the phone book off a low shelf in the dining room but I managed to salvage it. He also (twice) tried pulling the table cloth off of the table, with no regard to the carefully constructed glass centre piece or the laptop on the table. Anyway, after today's phonebook chewing episode in my absence, Norm brought one of the camping foamies up from the basement to use as a barricade to the dining room. Not to be so easily disuaded, Rory let us know what he thought of THAT piece of work. Guess I'll have to dig the baby gate out from storage under the stairs. Interestingly enough, he knows not to come in the dining room when we are eating, so I wonder if the fascination is simply because he needs to know what happens in there. We are also thinking about just getting a piece of plastic carpet runner to lay at the entrance to the dining room. The theory is that he won't be able to tell the difference between this piece of plastic and the similar-looking scat mat that we use in another location. I dunno, I think we have to give Rory more credit than that. The real scat-mat is powered by a 9-volt battery contained in a compartment that Rory will try and dismantle if the mat is placed with the battery compartment on 'his' side. Ah well, they are sleeping like, well, tired dogs now. Just got back from a very LONG romp in the park.

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The Boss Bitch said...

Hmmm. Been a while since you had a puppy? Thanks for the good laugh after a long day!