March 12, 2008

Rock 'n Roll

Apparently Rory cracks a good joke. Seth grinned and Rory agreed it was a real thigh-slapper. Maybe one day they'll let me in on it too. Maybe it's my hair - it was a really windy day, I can just imagine what my crazy head of red curly hair must have looked like.

I'm happy to report that Rory can vary from his usual good-natured easygoing self to a hellish little beast on a leash. Actually, he isn't that bad, but after a couple of weeks of nice heeling he is now tugging all over the place. I think part of it is that he has discovered his nose. Sounds weird, but he has really started picking up the scent of, well, everything.

Norm was able to get this shot before we got to the park - some actual calmness while we wait to cross the road. Yah, don't let those angelic good looks fool you.

This is my crazy little man hoping like heck all his feet are in the right order as he tries to keep up with Seth and I on a sprint down the hill.

This one was my favourite shot of the day - Seth looks so intent!

...and here's Rory doing what he does best lately. I'm thinking a career as a sommelier is in order. "Ah, and here we have essence of chewing gum, with a hint of wet mitten. Wildly robust, long nose, lasting finish. Terrific now with a bowl of kibble, or age it for two years and share it with somebody special."

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