March 7, 2008

Mmmmm....I Love Fridays

Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? Y'know, how she worked her little chicken butt off all day, running around and getting the stuff she needed to make muffins? And how the cow, the pig and other assorted and sundry weren't of a mind to help her, but they sure wanted to help EAT the muffins? Well, with a Ridgeback or two around you will never have to experience that. I'm waiting for Seth, and one day Rory, to ask me to write them a letter of reference, and that's exactly what I'll write: just how cooperative and helpful these guys are, especially when cheese is being grated. In case you hadn't gathered, these shots were taken in the kitchen, post-cheese: a bit of double entendre there for those of you so inclined. In fact, most of the photos on this blog have been taken in the kitchen. It's where we hang out (human family included). Today being a Friday off for me, the boys and I started with a drive downtown early early this morning to the passport office. Then for a walk. I left them to their own devices while I picked up ingredients for supper. The guys were totally enthralled with the cooking process and as usual were my constant companions while I put together tonight's meal. Penne baked with peppers, Spolumbo's Italian sausage and cheese, baked zucchini, garlic bread (yah yah lotsa carbs, but the bread is whole wheat French) and for dessert a lemon poppyseed cake with lemon glaze. Tonight is also "House-fest". I'm down to four more episodes on DVD 3 of Season one. I have a lot of catching up to do - and I plan on enjoying the company of some good friends while we eat supper right in front of the TV! Oh, I do LOVE Fridays! ...Kathryn

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Christine said...

Rory is cute but I do feel sorry for Seth. Notice how he is right on the edge of that mattress. I wonder what they've been up to since Friday?