October 16, 2011


{Posting for Rory...as technical difficulties abound on his outdated version of blogger. Why doesn't that dog keep himself up to date?}

Some days ago, the red-haired lady formerly known as my Momma (just kidding) went to run some errands. That happens sometimes. I don't always get to go with her. After she was gone a while, Pops took me to the dog park. Just me 'n him - that doesn't happen hardly ever. I would have been uber excited, except it was freakin pouring rain out. Who does that?

Guess who we found at the park? Momma! And also this dog that looks like me, but littler. He was pretty shy. But not so shy that he couldn't follow us home. And that part? That never happens. I never get to bring dogs home with me. Except for Kiri. But she's crazy and never stays long. This dog came home. And stayed. And he's still here.

I mostly like him. He has some stuff to learn though. I taught him about power tools and that you can pretty much sleep right through the drilling and banging that goes on in this house. He's cool with that. He also rang the bell to go outside. I don't even do that normally. Just when I'm feeling cooperative. We play a lot. And wrestle. And chase each other around the park. Of course he does some other stuff too. See the white leather in the photo?

Yeah, well, buster thought that since the couch was delivered yesterday and there was no room for it in the living room because the floor wasn't finished yet, so they put it in the dining room, so it must be meant for him to sit in, right? Oh, I could have told him that was a big negatory (at least when the parental units are home), but sometimes you just gotta learn these things on your own. And sometimes it takes three times. I totally get where he was coming from. I mean, there isn't a dining room table in the dining room. Not till Tuesday anyway. And since our beds are in the dining room, well, that couch is a better spot to catch the sunbeams. I get it. But I know better. ba ha ha ha ha. Me. The angel dog. Can you imagine?

That photo IS pretty angelic. Try this one in which Gotham gets schooled by Rory; though I have been told it won't be long and the tables may turn. Whatever that means.

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