October 19, 2011

Holy Dressup, Batman!

Gotham got mail today. A lovely little parcel from some extended Ridgeback family, Odin and Kika. Now he's all set for Halloween. I've never had a dog with a Halloween costume. Really, what's better than a Batman costume for a Ridgeback named Gotham? I guess Odin and Kika's owner figured she just couldn't pass this up.  I'm thinking Gotham wished she had.

Truthfully though, Gotham is so easy going I'm not even sure he knew anything was different. He let me put the (extra-large, by the way) costume on him, headpiece and all and didn't even bat an eye.

Okay, bad pun.

He was even pretty happy to strut his stuff as Rory looked on from a distance, in horror. Probably hoping like heck we weren't going to go to the park with Gotham dressed like THAT. Or dressed at all, even.

...or perhaps it was jealousy.
Nope. Horror.

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