October 9, 2011

Gotham Under Construction

This is a very wary Gotham right after I picked him up from the airport. Happy to be out of his crate and no problem getting him IN the truck (it was raining and cold though, so he probably wasn't so interested in me or the truck as he was in staying dry).

His first meeting with Rory was at the dog park, where we went directly after the airport. I had Norm meet us there with Rory so they could get to know each other at the park and then Gotham could just `follow` us home. That was fun for Rory. For a while. But then he didn't leave. So far, they are pretty much even on the 'instigator' scale. Here they are having a discussion about Rory's favourite toy.

 This one is Gotham's second trip to the 'big' dog park yesterday. He ventures forth a bit more each time. We've been going to the park a few times each day. There is a lot he needs to get used to, including dogs other than the ones he lived with, and traffic. He's taking things in stride, walks beautifully on a leash, and liver treats and general  "are you still there?" worry ensure his recall is excellent.

Rory and Gotham tag team the little white dog that loved being chased.

Friday afternoon Gotham met some delivery people at the house. Saturday he met my mother and aunt, and he was introduced to power tools. Today he met the floor nailer. I was a little concerned since it's really loud and sporadic. Gotham pretty much slept through the drone of the drill while I screwed down some subfloor yesterday but today I had to lay more hardwood down. He's not as interested in sleeping right beside where I'm working like Rory does, but happily plunks himself down a little further away and plays, sleeps or watches. Though this photo is from yesterday, you'll get the idea of how he's fitting in.

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