February 20, 2011

Tile by Jury

Working on the back hall and powder room. Mostly on the powder room. Dry layout of the tiles is taking WAY more time than I imagined it would. But I think the hard part is done. Coming out of that little room and into the back hall the tiles should flow fairly easily. Knock on wood. Or porcelain. Stop me now if you need to because the plan for tomorrow is to put these tiles in for real.
Powder room floor. The orange stuff is an uncoupling membrane called Schluter Ditra (which sounds like the name of a German dominatrix, but whatever, take it up with their marketing department).

Dry layout. Now I`m ready for bed. This was a ridiculous amount of work.

Absolutely no laughing allowed. This is what happens when Norm buys a camera of his very own. It would have happened even with "our" camera but at least then I could have vetoed the photo before it ever made it onto our hard drive. Anyway, here we have what can only be described as a Canadian renovation fashionista. This was taken last week when I was mixing thinset to use as a skim coat in the back hall and the little bathroom. Safety goggles, check. Ludicrously blue muck gloves, check. Down-filled parka, check (hey, it was minus 20C, and yah Mom, I know my coat is undone). Don`t even get me started on the headband. The kneepads are just de rigueur now. I wear them all the time. There was absolutely no good reason for me to be wearing them here.

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