December 5, 2010

Poetry Behind Closed Doors

Today was officially day one of kitchen renovations. After months of planning everything from the basic layout to the floor tile, from how much overlay the cabinet doors should have to whether we should use the clips supplied when we install the sink (which I still haven't ordered), from appliances to cupboard inserts, from hood-fan to lighting diagrams. All that, but when you actually begin the physical piece you realize just how much more there is to go. But the rest should be working with the plan, not planning the work. Fingers crossed.

The achievement of the day was knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Photos will follow. Watch for photos of The Dog In The Bubble.

 We also took out most of the existing cabinetry, all of which must have been custom-built on site. This wasn't the standard stuff that one person could hang. One upper row was four double cabinets long - all one piece. When we finally horked that thing off the wall we were pleased (in addition to still having all of our fingers and only minor bruises on our heads) to discover ancient cave drawings. Well okay, not really. But there were some drawings. And for fans, a little ode to the Jabberwock.

Cool, huh?

What gets me is the time this person took to switch colours while writing. I get the whole leaving something for posterity. I won't lie. I put a note inside a sealed baggie and hid it away when we first started renovating the house. The only way it will get read is if somebody finds it during a demolition. And of course I'm hoping that time is far, far off. Ink though. One colour only.

I don't know if the poet was also the artist:

You can see the line from Jabberwocky in teeny multi-coloured lettering underneath the drawing.

Just so there are no misunderstandings here, I wouldn`t claim to know anything about Lewis Carroll other than Alice and her frustrations with the Mad Hatter and even that is strictly from the recent movie. I was, however, 98% certain of where the line came from (and for the additional 2% certainty, Google really is your friend) since I remember a childhood friend of mine who had a particular fascination with the poem. There were occasions where "Beware the Jabberwock!" was the warning shouted when Barbie and Ken were in imminent peril during one of our adventures (I suppose we should have stuck to playing house with the dolls like other girls).

There was another piece to this bit of self-expression. A little Big Bang Theory, if you will:

I feel fairly confident in suggesting that the bottom equation is true - and I don't need Google for confirmation. As for the rest...well, I can't be bothered right now but if any of you know what it is, I am listening.

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