November 21, 2010

Red Door Decor

-17C. Too cold to start tearing out the old kitchen and hauling it out to the dumpster in the driveway (which is slowly but surely being buried by the snow). The tile I ordered for the front entrance and back hall hasn't arrived yet so I can't start that either.

There are still options. Since the couch and chair have been sold we have unrestricted access to the fireplace - for the first time since we moved in.

The stone needs to be cleaned and the grout redone or painted but in the meantime Rory was VERY happy that I was able to get the pilot on, get the glass cleaned and make sure everything was in working order, including the remote control. How modern for a stone fireplace. Rory was kind enough to test the heat output and fan for me.

Not his greatest look, but you'll forgive him, he was in the throes of heat-induced ecstasy. You should have seen the baleful look he gave me when I turned off the fan after a couple of hours.

The other thing to do on a cold day while you wait for the football game to start is to get festive. If only to counteract the look that the dumpster lends to the front yard. Y'know, put something pretty on the front door and hope people won't notice the big green thing in the driveway.

Start with this:

Then spend an hour or so getting glitter all over yourself, your dog and your dining room. Till you get this:

That's about as crafty as I get. The poinsettias are Norm's contribution.

I can't see the dumpster, can you see the dumpster? No? Obviously my plan is working.

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