December 29, 2010

The Wall

Momma's got a new job at work so tonight she's too tired to be witty. That means I get to show you the pictures of the wall coming down. I helped. Really. Like, I totally followed her around and sniffed everything. Eventually they put me behind a piece of plastic, but it really wasn't necessary. I don't mind the dust. This is me wondering why they moved the stove. And especially why they were so quick to sweep up all the bits from underneath the stove. It looked like there was good stuff to sniff, but I didn't even get the chance. You can see the built in microwave above the stove area. It took them ages to get that thing out. And they said a lot of bad words too.

Here's Norm, and you can see the microwave is gone now!

And when they started taking the wall down, here's the vantage point I had. They put a sheet of poly between the living room and dining room. Momma said something about making a movie called "Dog in a Bubble". Not funny. Maybe she was tired that day too. I was doing my best to look forlorn and left out. How'd I do?

Here's the view from the dining room side when they were taking the drywall off. Two layers on each side of the wall. There really was a lot of mess.

Here's the view from the kitchen side when they got some of that drywall off.

And this is it all down. They moved the old fridge into the dining room along with one of the base cabinets. They eventually turned the stove around and now she's cooking in the dining room. I don't much care where the cooking happens, as long as I'm close to it. So here's me, with my blankie right in the middle of things.

Speaking of food, I think I should get some extra for typing all this out on the teensy netbook while I was sleeping at Momma's feet. Pretty amazing, huh?

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