September 28, 2009

Now that I have my own Blogger Account...

I’ll give you a bit of a tour, but first…

This carpet is absolutely the best thing for backskritchers. I don’t know why they want to take it out.

Here’s Seth in the living room before the boxes were moved in.

I think he likes it. Now that the boxes are here, it’s like a great maze and I’ve mastered zipping around in the dark while my people are still stubbing toes and bumping shins. Why don’t they turn on a light, you ask? There aren’t any. At least not in the living room which is where most of the boxes are.

I don’t get to use the camera. Yet. But here’s part of me in Norm’s office during a break in the floor-sanding.

I had to walk really carefully…wouldn’t want to scratch the floor. Now I’m in the guest room.

See how I’m the same colour as the old finish on the floor? I don’t know why they’d want to sand it off…it’s a great colour.

This is my boy’s basement.

Now he’s all set up down there with his bedroom and living room, violin, lizards, computer and Bowflex. Sometimes he even comes upstairs. Actually he has to come upstairs to eat. And to wrestle with me in the backyard. And to take me for walks by the river where we mock the owls.

It’s all done now, but I don’t go down there. Slippery wooden stairs. I did lay at the top of the stairs and watch all the work through the railing. Here’s what it looked like before.

This is my new park. I love it here. And it’s right up the road from my new house, so I get to go lots.

Can you see me?

Here comes my new friend Ben.

He wrestles pretty good for a Golden.

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