September 1, 2009

Here she is

Norm is calling this his "job jar for life". After months of looking we ended up back where we started. The time seemed right to leave my house, which we had already renovated, in search of something we could make "our" home. With 2 out of my 3 kids grown and gone, we wanted a different space, closer to downtown. Here's the house I fell in love with as soon as I walked in the door. Don't even ask me why. We originally saw the house in June at a price that was out of reach. After that, all the other places we looked at just didn't do anything for me. Some price dropping, good timing on the part of my realtor, and a bit of luck came into play and the next thing you know, we have a new house on August 28. A 1961 custom-built executive home, 1.5 storeys, 70x120 lot (that's huge for inner city). I needed a new project and here it is:

Yah, there really is a house behind there.

Don't panic...the snow is from last year.

I love the stonework on the outside....

View of back

More and more back yard

...but I'm not so keen on the stonework on the inside. We'll fix that. Also, do you think I should keep the rusty coloured plush?

This, folks, is my gourmet kitchen. A chef's dream. What, can't you see it? Visualize, people, come on!

Affectionately known as the "hub room", this will be the TV room/library.

Ah, the basement. Part of the retro tile work was covered with brown shag. Not anymore. The entire basement has already been painted and new flooring is in progress. BTW, you can find anything you need on YouTube, including a demo of how to install interlocking flooring - I hadn't used that kind before.

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