July 20, 2008

Rory on the River

Ahoy! Spin 'er round boys, let's go this way!

So, here's the rules: Lifejacket, check. Wait a
sec, where's yours? Sniff, sniff... hey.... is THAT PIZZA!????

Rory. Captain of His Own Destiny. And cute too.

Hi! Oh? Were you trying to take a picture
of my momma? How 'bout just her hat?

Zzzzz.....zz.....z.... (this is Rory and me at the
two-hour mark, almost there. ....Kathryn)

Pretty Calgary. We'll put in under that bridge.
Rory's still sleeping.

This is me walkin' with Norm. And a million other
people. It was SO crowded! And everybody was
trying different kinds of salsas, and there was
music, and it was hot. Real hot. Lots of people
said hello to me and some even wanted to pat me.
I love gettin' loved. ...Rory

1 comment:

The Boss Bitch said...

I LOVE it! I'll have to send pics to Halo to prove that water is not the root of all evil. He is so handsome in his jacket - I bet the ladies were impressed. He is such a handsome boy ... hmmm that sounds so familiar ...