July 19, 2008

Rory. Dog of Adventure

Full day today. We have been planning a rafting trip down the Bow tomorrow with some friends. After researching brands and features during the week, today's adventure involved fitting Rory for a doggy life vest. We brought Seth along too as a 'model' version of a bigger Rory. We bought one by Ruff Gear and then later ended up getting another one by Outward Hound because it fit better. Luckily, we were able to return the Ruff Gear one. The best part was telling Rory 'stand' during the fitting process and having him impress the heck out of the staff with his good behaviour. All that stacking practice paid off.

This afternoon Norm inflated the raft on the front deck so we could get Rory used to it. Two big people and one little person (our two-year-old nephew is spending the night ) got in the raft to test it out. A little RollOver enticement and Rory clambered aboard. The humans wiggled and bounced in the raft so Rory could find his sea legs. Within ten minutes he was asleep with his head in my lap. I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings when the raft isn't sitting on a stable surface and Rory has to walk through water to get to it :) but he's generally game for anything.

The only drawback to the day was Seth's behaviour when we came home with the dogs this morning after shopping. I'm not sure if he just doesn't like Rory wearing the life vest or (forgive me for anthropomorphizing) if he's upset we didn't buy him one too, but he was just plain mean to Rory. There's Rory ripping around the yard testing out the new vest - I wanted to make sure he wouldn't get too hot wearing it - when Seth tried to take a round out of him. I separated them for a couple of hours but it happened again even without the vest. Norm reminded me that when Seth was 'growing up' Sage started a couple of scraps with him and it always took a day or so for the jitters to wear off. Mine and theirs. So Seth is in the guest room with the entire purple bed to himself, and Rory is in the loft with us, and they both seem quite content with this arrangement. Surprising for Rory, because he often wants to be wherever Seth is. ...Kathryn


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