April 17, 2008

Sticks and Stones

Nice weather = return to stick hunting. Though we have managed to minimize the sticks being brought into the house, the deck is littered with good-sized chunks. Nice clean logs, bark chewed right off and spit out. Maybe Rory is planning on building a log doghouse? Norm refuses to move the woodpile. Makes no difference. Much to our chagrin, even during the inclement weather a couple of days ago Rory managed to make do with what he could find indoors. What he found was our golf clubs. Actually, he found Norm’s golf clubs and luckily we found Rory before he found mine. He pulled the cartbag over, pulled out the clubs and proceeded to strip off the brand new grips. Yes folks, for those of you thinking about getting a puppy, ask yourself if you have a good golf store nearby. You might also think about engaging a carpenter. Just in case your puppy decides it’s a fantastic idea to pee right on the tile/laminate step leading up from the kitchen. Pee leaks. Through cracks, grout and into the plywood underneath. It also drips down onto unsuspecting heads passing below into the laundry room in the basement. Oh, funny days. Good thing I’m a sucker for soulful, dark brown, kohl-lined eyes. (oh, and FYI, Norm’s eyes are blue.)

1 comment:

Candi said...

My eyes would be pretty blue too if a puppy ate my golf clubs....actually I think they might be a deep shade of red.....