April 1, 2012

Early Morning

If you're looking for reno photos and stories don't read any further. Frankly, I'm quite enjoying not tripping over tools and materials and not having to scrape layers of dust off of everything. So the tools have been put away since the first week of December, poor lonely things. Norm has since acquired some new tools but he seems content enough to play with them in the garage. That, or he knows it won't be pretty if they come out of hiding. At least not right now.

If, on the other hand, you like early morning walks by the river at the tail end of winter, this post is for you. We went early yesterday too, but no camera. I guess they wanted a do-over because this morning they weren't taking 'no' for an answer when they woke me up. Whine, whine, whine, the "we absolutely MUST go to the PARK now" incessant, in stereo, whine. It's that or they knew there was no dog food and the store doesn't open till 10am. Wouldn't want to miss the store opening.

Weird noises in the mist

What's down there? Rory? Is that you? C'mon out!

The sun is coming! The sun is coming!

A little less brown every day.

The grass isn't always greener.

Always be on guard.

LAST ONE IN THE GULLY IS...well, the last one in. 

Gotham knows Rory is stalking him from the gully...he'll get pounced any second.

Sometimes Rory lets Gotham keep up.

Heading home for breaksfast. They don't know we ran out of dog food yesterday.

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