January 22, 2012

Free at last!

The great thing about -29C is that when the temperature finally hits -3 it feels like a heatwave. The dogs actually WANT to be outside, so today was a good day to let off some of their pent up energy. You can see it in their eyes. "Can we go now...now? Huh? We're ready...can we go? How 'bout now?"

As absolutely adorable as Gotham is (new babies always steal the limelight), we wouldn't want to forget the real star of the show. 

Besides, as you can clearly see from the expression on Rory's face, Gotham has a lot to learn. "Really? Doesn't he know the ground is too cold for stalking? Make him stop, he's embarrassing me."

It really is a beautiful day.

And Gotham, at seven months, is finding his feet. And his legs. The playing field is leveling out for those wrestling matches and chasing Rory.

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