December 12, 2011

You asked for it

Whew! Thanks to all for reading and thanks to those who came out for the open house! Your patience during the last couple of years is commendable - I am happy to know we still have friends. :)  Even though we didn`t quite get all the last bits of stuff done that we wanted to, we were ready to entertain on Saturday night and really appreciated the show of support. And the wine! Sunday was the first day in I cannot remember how long where there wasn`t a tool in sight and no sawdust to be found. It looks like a REAL house. Apparently, it looks so much like a real house people can`t remember what it looked like before. For those who asked for more `before` photos (somehow I thought there were enough in two years of blog entries, but perhaps not) I`ve put a bunch together. Nothing comprehensive and the order isn`t the best, but it will give you something to go on. Check the picassa web album link below. They scare me now. A lot. Now is not a good time to ask if I`d do it again.

House Before

You can click the link, then pick `slideshow`near the top - let it run through the show or speed it up by clicking the arrows at the bottom.

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Kathryn said...

Web album removed, sorry folks.