December 23, 2011

Design Flaw

I couldn't begin to tell you how much time we spent planning the kitchen, well before even one strip of wallpaper was ripped off. The home reno shows and the professional kitchen designers could make you think it's not so hard, but there is a lot to consider. A whole lot. I'm pretty proud of what we accomplished and the last two weeks has seen me spend more time cooking and baking than I have in the last two years. My dawning realization? There is something I didn't consider.  I guess I had assumed that the dogs would hang out on their beds in the TV room, or on the sheepskin in front of the fireplace in the living room. And they do. As long as I'm there with them. Which I haven't been, because a) I'm excited to have my kitchen back, and b) it's just a good time of year to bake.

So, here's my problem:

Yes, I should have bought TWO of those chef's gel mats. One for in front of the stove, but also one for in front of the fridge. Because even though I don't stand in front of the fridge for any length of time, I think I know a dog who would put a second mat to good use.

Oh, sure, the other thing is that I can't get to the fridge or the stove without telling a dog to move. The looks I if they thought the countertop should be plenty of space for me.

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Bigdogzola said...

Us Ridgebacks looove hangin out in the yummy smellin kitchen..but we also love our put down some very comfy fat mat beds or thick blanket somewhere in the kitchen that is kinda out of your way and they will at least lie there...heehee..your kitchen looks lovely I think Rory and Gotham are very well colour coordinated in there...