September 5, 2011

We came home from lunch today to find Rory had fallen into a vat of paint. Okay, that's a lie. But he looked like he had fallen into a vat of paint. His entire left half was grey. Just dust, as it turns out. And the culprit? A sunbeam.

We tore up floor yesterday, down to the planks. It made a lot of dust. A lot. Here's our hero, making sure he gets evenly toasty. And evenly dusty.

I've had Ridgebacks who knew how to pull their blankets around to follow the sunbeams through the house. Not Rory. He chose to lay directly on the wood planks even though his blanket was ten feet away. I've since exercised my considerable blanket-relocation skills, much to Rory's satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Rory you resilient boy!..Us Ridgeback girls definitely move the blanket around to get luxury comfort whilst taking in the rays..I even move mine up on the sunlounger for super padding slumber (advanced skills eh,) tummy wouldn't like bare floors..Or just get your human to place rugs around where the sun hits so you can follow the sun..heehee Regards Ridgeback Girl Zola