September 16, 2011

Rory isn't my first Ridgeback. So, I expect certain things and much of his doggy-isms don't surprise me. They've all had distinct personalities. And they all get to a stage where they look, well, regal. That's probably the best word for it. This December Rory will turn four. Regal is rare.

Even his stalking can be lackadaisical. Today we were hunting German Shepherd. Only the stalking part turned into a bit of a lay-down. Or maybe he was in super stealth mode trying to meld into the ground. Hadn't thought of that until just now.

But then, there was this! Look...regal!

Oh. Wait. Look closer. See? This is more what I expect from Rory. I'm surprised it's not a big stringer of drool instead of grass. Maybe it won't show up so much on the blog. It definitely shows up in the full size version on my desktop.

This is much more typical Rory. Examining the piece of fluff that just floated down to his toes.


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H and Flo said...

Poor Rory. I think he looks very Regal, and you know, you can't be too careful with fluff!

I've enjoyed reading about life with Rory.

H and Flo