January 26, 2011

The Snitch, Houdini and Me

I've said before that this isn't a weaving blog. Certainly not a fashion blog (but if you know me you know this must be true). It used to be a dog blog, and it recently semi-morphed into a renovation blog. Pretty much whatever I want, since it IS my blog. That's the beauty of it. Today it's a book blog.

The thing about blogging is you tend to connect with other bloggers. You read their stuff and dismiss it. Or you read it and it makes you think. Or you read it till you almost pee your pants laughing. 15 Minute Lunch is one of my favourites. I stumbled on it because a friend's blog has a link to it. Blogs work that way. I have some favourites that I can't even remember how I found. But this is one, well this one is top drawer. I've been known to laugh hard enough at work while reading 15 Minute Lunch - at lunch time of course - that people get worried for my sanity. It looks like now I will be able to scare people with my maniacal laughter on the bus ride home, since the blogger has written book. Johnny Virgil has a way. If you were ever a kid you need to read this book. If you were ever a kid in the 70's you really need to read this book. I'm 20 pages in and totally comfortable throwing this out on the line: this entire thing will be excellent.

Get it for your Kindle, get it for your Kobo, get it for your Reader, get it for your Nook (seriously, who knew?). Go read about it on Facebook. Just go get it. Now I'm going to go finish reading it.

If you're on Kobo or Reader you'll have to do some sleuthing. If you'd rather buy a crocheted hat, Johnny could probably set you up there too. You'll see.

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