January 23, 2011


Finally! After days and days and days of -20C and colder weather it warmed up enough to go outside for some fun. And even better, Brianne was visiting from Vancouver for the weekend. I L-O-V-E Brianne. She gives the most excellent scritchers. On Saturday we went sledding with Brianne, and we took Xander too. I totally didn't know what sledding was, but I didn't care. I was out! And I totally ended up liking it. And Xander's favourite word is "totally". It's kinda catchy.

First, I had to get my bearings. We were at the big park where we go lots but never for sledding. Why are we stopping here?

This is Brianne and Xander. Why are they sitting down? We're supposed to go run and play with the other dogs, right? No? Oh, and you could really use some sunglasses you two.

But wait, where are you going? I'm coming too!

Uh, Momma? She stayed at the top so I had to run back up - I couldn't leave my Momma alone. Don't laugh at my ears. You should see this photo cropped and blown up on the big computer monitor. Not funny at all. Just because Momma and Brianne laughed till they cried still doesn't make it funny.

Whatever. See? Those two came back up. After that I thought I got the hang of it. No need to leave Momma's side. I could just watch from the top.

But wait! Now what? Where are YOU going? How can I wait up here with you, if you go down there?!

I don't know what came over me, but Momma didn't like me chasing her. Apparently, the idea is NOT to bowl her over or grab her hood while she's cruising down the hill at top speed (who knew?). After that, Brianne had to hang on to me at the top of the hill every time Momma went down. Then she'd let me go. This time she didn't get a chance to take my leash off. Good thing it didn't get tangled. Oh, and I don't look so graceful when running full tilt downhill. It may have scared people further up the slope, but I always veered around them as soon as I realized they weren't who I was looking for.

We worked out a pretty good system. Once I was at the bottom, then Brianne would come down either by herself or with Xander if Momma hadn't taken him down first. It meant that I could wait at the bottom of the hill for my people to come toward me! And then LOOK OUT, AMBUSH!

Here come Brianne and Xander again!

Sometimes they came down backwards by accident.

I ate a lot of snow on Saturday. A lot. It's thirsty work that sledding.

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