February 14, 2009

Dog Proof

My...what a long tongue you have. Presumably, you also have very large teeth. And a penchant for chewing items best left unchewed. Items, say, like power cords for the air purifier. Lucky for us Norm is a pretty handy guy. It's also a good thing that he rarely throws stuff out (often to my annoyance, but sometimes it's a blessing). Take for example that old showerhead - the one with the long metal hose that kept coming loose. Don't ask me why he kept it. Maybe for a day just like this one. For the second time, Rory has chewed through the power cord for the air purifier. I know, I know, I could put the unit on the counter, but (1) I can't stand stuff on the counter, and (2) the dog hair starts at dog level. So, it's on the floor underneath a counter in the kitchen. And now it's better than new. Think bionic. We can rebuild it. Norm fixed the cord and gave it a full metal jacket. Brilliant.

Seth's look is patently "I warned you. I told you puppies are a pain in my ass."


The Boss Bitch said...

Aw c'mon. That last face is TOTAL innocence. No one could blame that face for anything ... ever ... ever.

Kathryn said...

Obviously, Raimi has you brainwashed into believing cuteness equals innocence.