December 10, 2008

Christmas Wishes. Sort of.

I loved Tamzin's idea of a portrait by the Christmas tree. The last time I did this, Seth was just a little puppy and Sage was with him. Depending on your definition of success, this session was okay. Dogs were bored, but at least they stayed still. Seth was not impressed with having his nap interrupted, and Rory is about ready for bed.

I put the flash on to see what difference it would make. Seth had a flash of inspiration and saw this as an opportunity to check for crumbs, and Rory wasn't going to be left out if anything was found.

Having completely given up hope on errant crumbs, Rory has resigned himself to his photo-fate. Really not what I was looking for.

My best "Old Man". Ever.

Rory. Half Asleep. Handsome nonetheless.

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