November 29, 2008

Heat Hound

Ahhhh....the smell of toasty dog fur. Apparently, it doesn't bother Rory. In this shot he's roasting his left side, but he has since turned around to warm up his right side and watch the hockey game (seriously). I do know that it's a really, really good thing there is a guard over the heating element, otherwise Rory's near-embraces with this machine would leave his fur darker than we're accustomed to. We've had the heater since last year - for those evenings when the firewood outside on the deck is just too far away - but Rory has only just discovered it in the last week or so. In his book, it's the best invention ever. I suggest that it's time to go outside for a pee break and all I get in return is the baleful, red-rimmed stare that says "No thanks, I can wait." I was wondering when he was going to turn into a real Ridgeback.



Traci said...

I love it!!! I so have to get Ramsay a heater. He currently gets all bundled up in a big quilt by the fireplace and refuses to go outside in the cold. The things we do for our fur-kids.

Candi said...

I think I want to hang out with Rory very close to the heater thingy.....however a fight may occur over who gets to be closer to it......C