July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday

So all of a sudden it's seven [SEVEN!] months since my last blog post. That's the post where I wrote about how long it had been since the post before that.

There really can't be any more renovating without a blog because in my mind they go hand in hand. And there haven't been any renovations in that seven months which means nobody has missed anything. The trouble is I have to be prepared to write the blog posts AND to renovate. In the same dimension, on the same plane of existence, at the same time. Clearly, the stars haven't been aligned. Or whatever.

But I really do want to renovate the master bedroom and master bathroom. Also to finish the family bathroom. I do have a collection of ideas for the space. Norm and I have even discussed the possibilities. Now I need to lay out some plans so we can get going. My thinking was that by getting back to the blog, I'd also get back to renovating.

Hang tight while I continue to gird my loins. [Add that to the list of Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't.]

Here's a picture from way back. It is Throwback Thursday after all. It will give you an idea of the current style of the second storey, where the master bedroom is. Old. Plain. Untouched, except the floors which we refinished before we moved in. Yeah, that's it, it's a blank canvas!

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