November 30, 2011

Blustery Day

The wind here last weekend left no shortage of dog toys in its wake. Twigs, branches, boughs, entire trees. You name it, it was on the ground and available for the taking. But only if you were quick.

 You also had to be willing to navigate obstacle courses to go anywhere.

 I wouldn't let them bring this one home. Meanie.

 You wouldn't know it from this shot, but Gotham really is getting much better at running. He's not so much ass over teakettle anymore. Usually. What really gets me is the expression on Rory's face. Teeth and all.

"Play Bough"? Rory completely lost his head. Gotham thought it would make a great Christmas tree.

 You must know precisely what happened exactly .002 seconds after this shot was taken. Luckily, my lens survived the onslaught.

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