August 5, 2011


Or, more accurately, OMHF!

Norm, Rory and I were out running errands today. Because what else should you do on a sunny day off work other than run around dealing with house reno stuff? We went to the counter place to discuss quartz, since counter day is getting closer. Since we were in that neck of the woods, we thought we'd stop in to see how the hood fan was coming along. I'm glad we stopped, because it's finished! I'm sad we didn't have a real camera to do it justice, but Norm's phone did the trick.

 I've posted before about Mike at Hammersmith Custom Metal Crafting - he's the one who built us a stainless and copper radiator cover for the front entrance. They've really outdone themselves. I'm sure it isn't the largest or most elaborate hood fan they've worked on, but I went through all of their photo albums and didn't find what I wanted. Sometimes, custom is the way to go, because this is exactly it.

I'm amazed that you can start with an idea, do a sketch and then get a veritable craftsman to create exactly what you wanted. I wanted to pet it and hug it and squeeze it. The hood fan, not Mike.

One more piece of a very long project that is finally coming together.

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