March 9, 2010

Choice and Compromise

Before we moved, I got rid of six boxes of books. It was hard, but I had comfortably adapted to the Sony e-Reader that Norm bought for me the Christmas before last and wasn't in the mood to buy new bookcases to accommodate the book overflow syndrome in my living room. This time around, it was easier. A bit. We don't have as much wall real estate so I have four more boxes of books to donate somewhere - they never even made it to the shelves.

Other than installing the A/V equipment and new French doors and casing and a window, the hub room is done (really, sounds like a lot but in comparison to what we've done already these should be easy). So here's the last of it until everything is finished and then I'll post a few before and after shots. Thanks for sticking with us through this one. The kitchen will be even more fun!
Here's the hub room (see previous post for the new floor) with the book cases installed and the book sorting well under way.


All cleaned up.

 Don't let the regal pose fool you. He's a dork.

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