February 1, 2010

Wonders Don't Cease

Given enough cabin fever, Rory fetches. Or maybe he's inspired by watching the other dogs at the park chase balls and sticks. Yesterday as we were about to leave the dog park, we came across a nice big stick that one of the other dogs had been playing with (no doubt the dog that Rory chased with glee while we assured the owner that Rory wasn't interested in the stick, he just likes to run with the other dogs). Anyway, we get to the edge of the park, and Rory picks up the stick. Odd. I call him over and after a couple of evasive moves on his part he does trot over. Odd (not the come on recall, but generally Rory doesn't "bring" things to me). So I take the stick. And throw it. Far away (okay, as far as I could). Rory ran with mad abandon - think of back feet up by his ears - and brought it back. And again. And probably ten more times after that.

Don't tell the other Ridgebacks.

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