July 12, 2009

Mutt and Jeff

We have a house guest this week. My daughter has graced us with the presence of her MinPin Toby for a week while she is on vacation. After reading the detailed two-page instructions that accompanied him I wasn't sure I was up for the challenge. But I've decided Toby is actually not that bad. Of course, it's only day Two. Ask me again at the end of the week. Our house is up for sale, so getting it spotless, while packing and decluttering and looking after three dogs is, well, a lot of work.

On Saturday we all had to be gone for two hours because the realtor was over having an open house, so Norm and I packed one teenager and three dogs into the truck. Seth went to my mother's to hang out in her yard while she did her gardening. The rest of us went to River Park to kill some time.

This is Rory doing his usual beeline thing that he does when he sees something smaller than he is. He hasn't encountered rabbits yet, but I suspect he'll know exactly what to do when he does. The end result of this is that Toby gets a Ridgeback "poke".

Rory doing what he does best...sniffing.

Toby on guard. For everything. He's a very alert, bright, curious dog. But absolutely no sense of humour. He's the same age as Rory but only deigns to play when HE wants.

Rory found somebody else his age who knew how to wrestle like a Ridgeback. I don't know if you can see it, but Toby is eying them quite carefully. No way is he going to budge (he's not intimated at all) but he's not going to lower himself to slobbering and loping all over the place.

We did find a little girl Ridgeback for Rory to play with too. And then a young Dane joined in.

By now they're both getting tired...

Keelan thought this shot was great. It's a little too much teeth for my taste, but it's what they do.

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