June 21, 2009

Can dogs get square eyes?

Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? Can you see what Rory's doing?
(This is not as difficult as a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle...really folks)

When my 3-year old nephew visits, I have a rule about when the TV goes on. Loosely interpreted, the rule is simply that the TV is off unless there is a specific show that makes for worthwhile watching, after which the TV is promptly turned off again.

Goodness knows I don't have the same rule for my dog. In fact, I've never had a dog who watched TV. This is Rory watching "DogTown". I understand now why some parents would use television as a babysitter.

It works.

What really gets me going though, is HOW he watches. Sometimes he walks by and stops in front of the TV when something catches his eye, or he paces in front of the TV like he's trying to figure out where the characters are going when they leave the screen. Most often, though, he plants his butt right on the couch like a person. He knows he's not allowed on the furniture, but in the spirit of picking my battles I don't fight over the position that involves his front paws staying on the floor and his hind legs dangling over the front of the couch.

...and Tamzin, if you're reading this, I just want to say that the picture above isn't doing him any justice - he looks rather portly (I'm quite certain that's the word you would use), but rest assured it's a combination of his position and the angle of the camera. He's far too body conscious to get portly....he'd be mortified.



The Boss Bitch said...

I'm not sure how you knew I was clutching my head in horror but ... I was. The camera adds 10 pounds? Of course, the state of today's 'portly' youth can be directly attributed to the lack of exercise they get developing 'square eyes'. Then again maybe he's just at the "top end of ideal" as Ramsay's vet put it once. ;-)

Kathryn said...

AH HAH HAH HA "The top end of ideal". Nice.

I'll make sure to put in some profile pics so you can see just how svelte the Boy II really is :)