April 24, 2009

Victory Day

Don't mind the evil green eyes. This was an emergency post-celebratory photo taken with my Blackberry. Yes folks, Rory JUMPED into the back of the truck yesterday! "Big deal", you say. Oh yeah, big deal. What this means is that there is still hope for me - hope that soon I won't have to boost the back half of Rory's 102 pound frame into my vehicle every time we go somewhere. I don't know if people watch me do this and laugh, but I'm quite certain that Rory is smirking about it on the inside. Smirk no more big boy...now that I've seen you do it once, the bar has been raised.

1 comment:

The Boss Bitch said...

LOL - finally. I cringe whenever I watch you heave that massive butt into the truck ... and I *am* referring to the dog. ;-) He's getting all growed up - sniff -