March 1, 2009

Click Happy

You'd think I would know to carry my camera on ALL park adventures, but no. So, thanks to Tamzin for these pictures from today's adventures.

Looks scary, and can sound even worse. This is Rory (Mr. Orange Collar now) and his littermate Karma who was visiting the "big" city for a dog show.

I know there's a dance that people do that looks remarkably similar to this... usually preceded by lots of tequila.

Then a little "Twist and Shout".

...a little snack to share (what's a little roughage between friends?)

"Okay, I'll hold her on this side, and you PULL!"
Karma, Rory and Leeloo (who really wants to be a sled dog)

Leeloo and Rory. Actually "Teeth of Leeloo and Rory". People in the park tend to make a wide berth around a pack of five Ridgebacks burning off pent-up energy.

Karma and Rory in stride


duke76 said...

I can't wait to take ours out on a romp this summer. 11 weeks 26 pounds and counting. I've added a link to you site from our blog.

duke76 said...
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Kathryn said...

Hmmm....Rory has been known to eat a bed or two. Or seven. Our latest success was that last night both dog beds survived a night in the kitchen...unsupervised but for the dogs. Seth was ecstatic, Rory was just confused, yet delighted to have a bed instead of a blanket. Usually the beds are kept in the loft for supervised sleep time only. Here's why:

Taja said...

Wow, Seth and Rory are famous. First advertisements, now teh wurld!
No but seriously, I found this: