September 28, 2008

Brotherly Love

Today we ran into Ramsey and his pugs and peeps at the park. This made Rory SOOOO happy! We had come across another Ridgeback already, but he was on a halti and his owner wasn't letting him off. Other dogs are okay, but Rory much prefers a bit of Ridgeback wrestling and chasing games. Us too. It means he has been tuckered right out since we got back home. Of course, getting back was a bit problematic...for the first time ever Rory ignored my call to come, and instead went in search of his brother. He just wasn't done playing yet, even though his tongue was practically dragging on the ground. He wasn't hard to find. A visit to the butcher for knuckle bones and Rory's day was made perfect. Seth's too, since he got to stay home and rest his weary self AND he still got a bone.

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Traci said...

Ramsay was super happy as well to see his bro. I thought it was pretty adorable that Rory didn't want to stop playing and kept finding us. It was lights out for Ramsay!